Here At Holistic K9 Solutions we take a holistic approach and look at your dog’s entire lifestyle. We remain committed to helping you with all the most stressful moments of pet ownership. That’s why we have introduced this Pet “telehealth” service. It’s an option included in all training packages and offered to all dog owners, not just Holistic K9 Training customers.

Holistic K9 Solutions vet telehealth program is great for all dog owners, especially new ones, because it provides 24/7 access to experienced, qualified vets. This means that you can get the help and advice you need quickly and from trusted, experienced professionals. Plus, being able to access vet services outside of office hours or while on the road can be incredibly convenient, especially for busy dog owners. It can also save you time and money since you don’t have to physically go to a vet’s office or need to pay for in-person visits. Overall, the Holistic K9 Solutions vet telehealth program is a great way for all dog owners, new or experienced, to get the professional advice and help they need for their pet.

  • Professional advice and help for pet owners
  • Good for both new and experienced dog owners
  • Makes pet ownership less stressful
  • Saves you money on unnecessary veterinary costs
  • Access to professionals who provide the proper advice and understanding of your pet’s medical needs.
  • Increase the safety and well being of your pet with access to a vet for advice 24/7